University of Toronto Graduate Music Conference (March 2021)

13 Feb, 2021
In this presentation, I will be discussing the emergence of “sorrow songs” at this point in time in Samuel Coleridge-Taylor’s life, with focus on the intertext of Western classical and slave songs in these Sorrow Songs, Op. 57 as well as the creation of a story in this musico-literary hybrid. I will also discuss his trips, experiences, the socio-political events of the time, and the influential black artists to understand how Coleridge-Taylor’s musical path was reshaped with this song cycle.

Great Canadian Theatre Company Choir

8 Feb, 2021
Do you like to sing?! You can join this online choir project through the Great Canadian Theatre Company without any musical prerequisites!

Alei Tapuach Virtual Choir Project

25 Nov, 2020
Alei Tapuach Virtual Choir Project collaboration with the Ottawa composer Leo Lightstone in fall 2020 is yet another beautiful inspiring music project born out of the uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to bring us together in our music community in the spirit of hope and resilience.
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